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People Technologies invities best Dot Net Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Lucknow with most experienced professionals. Our Trainers are not teachers, they have hands on experience on real time project and related technologies for more years in MNC’s. We are working with IT industry and we are providing Dot Net Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Lucknow with real time project. Are you ready for Dot Net Training ! come and join us. People Technologies’s team of Dot Net trainers offers Dot Net in Classroom training, Dot Net Online Training and Dot Net Corporate Training services. We designed our syllabus to give you real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level. People Technologies is running for 24*7*365 days in different time zone and we will provide training either weekday or weekends batch based on participants requirement.

We are providing Dot Net Training worldwide and our placement services will give you placement worldwide. You will learn not only Dot Net programming language and also Personality Developement for interview preparation. We have multiple branches in India and other country and running succcessfully Dot Net Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Lucknow, Singapore, Dubai, Australia.

Batch Schedule

Weekdays Regular (Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session
02-09-2019 Starts Coming Monday (Monday - Friday)08:00 AM (IST)
05-09-2019 Starts Coming Thursday (Monday - Friday)08:00 AM (IST)
Weekend Regular (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session
31-08-2019 Starts Coming Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)10:00 AM (IST)
Weekend Regular (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session
Weekend Fast-track (Class 6Hrs - 7Hrs) / Per Session

People Technologies Services

People Technologies provide Dot Net Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Lucknow 24*7*365. Having trouble for interview preparation? Don’t worry ! Our trainers is avaiable for 24hours wordlwide.

  •  Classroom Batch Training
  •  Online Training
  •  One To One Training
  •  Customized Training

Dot Net Training Course BASIC INFORMATION

People Technologies runnning Dot Net Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Lucknow and other country in more than 10+ branches with highly experienced trainers. Here are the basic information.

  • 45+ Hours Course Duration
  • Industry Expert Trainers
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Certification Guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Personality Development

Best Dot Net Training Course in Bangalore

In this Dot Net Programming Course, People Technologies covers all the major concepts of Dot Net Programming – in detail, and in depth – practically. People Technologies is available in India and Dubai, Austrlia, Canada. Our Current classes are running for Dot Net Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Dubai. This Dot Net Course module will give you hands on experience and confidance to write program and logic for project.

You are worried! and thinking of starting a career in IT? Love to play with Computers and Mobile Phones, and thinking of making IT a career choice? Would you like to develop new web application, products and services and want to become Entrepreneur and become a part of tech future? Come and join us, People Technologies is ready to take you in tech world. We will stand up with you from first day to till last day. Every year we are running People Technologies Alumni Program to meet our placed participants and IT industry lead. After college you are worried about your IT career because many people are moving to IT for good growth and long term job prospects with great salaries. People Technologies is best training institute in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi(NCR), Lucknow, Dubai, Singapore, Australia.

People Technologies is the best Training Institute offers certification oriented Dot Net Training in Bangalore, Dot Net Training in Chennai, Dot Net Training in Mumbai, Dot Net Training in Delhi(NCR), Dot Net Training in Lucknow. We will make you eligible to clear all type of interviews at end of our sessions. Our team of Dot Net trainers and participants are making team for their future help and assistance in subject by 24*7*365. Our Dot Net trainers is available for your support across country in different time zone. Our training module and course material will be focused on assisting in placements as well. People Technologies has seprate HR team professionals who will take care of all your interview needs. Our Dot Net Training in Bangalore course Fees is very less compared to others.

Dot Net Syllabus

Chapter - 01 Overview
  • Strong Programming Features of C#
  • Environment
  • Why to go for .Net instead of other technologies
  • The .Net Framework
  • CLR
  • CTS
  • MSIL
  • JIT – Explanation
  • CLS
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C#
Chapter - 02 Core C# Programming
  • program structure
  • Main
  • Creating Hello World Program
  • Compiling and Executing the Program
  • basic syntax
  • The using Keyword
  • The class Keyword
  • Comments in C#
  • Member Variables
  • Member Functions
  • Instantiating a Class
  • Identifiers
  • Keywords
Chapter 03- Data types
  • Value Type
  • Reference Type
  • Object Type
  • Dynamic Type
  • String Type
  • Pointer Type
Chapter - 04 Type conversion
  • Type Conversion Methods
  • Premitive to Reference
  • Reference to Premitive
Chapter - 05 Variables
  • Defining Variables
  • Initializing Variables
  • Accepting Values from User
  • Lvalue and Rvalue Expressions in C#
Chapter - 06 Constants
  • Integer Literals
  • Floating-point Literals
  • Character Constants
  • String Literals
  • String Literals
Chapter - 07 Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Miscellaneous Operators
  • Operator Precedence in C#
Chapter - 08 Decision making
  • if
  • Else
  • Else if
  • Nested if
  • The ? : Operator
  • switch
Chapter - 09 Loops
  • Loop Control Statements
  • for loop
  • while loop
  • do while
  • break
  • go to
  • continue
  • return
  • for each
  • Infinite Loop
Chapter - 10 OOPS
  • History
  • oops concept
  • Procedural vs oops
Chapter - 11 Encapsulation
  • Public Access Specifier
  • Private Access Specifier
  • Protected Access Specifier
  • Internal Access Specifier
  • Protected Internal Access Specifier
Chapter - 12 Methods
  • Defining Methods in C#
  • Calling Methods in C#
  • Recursive Method Call
  • Passing Parameters to a Method
Chapter - 13 Nullables
  • The Null Coalescing Operator
Chapter - 14 Arrays
  • Declaring Arrays
  • Initializing an Array
  • Assigning Values to an Array
  • Accessing Array Elements
  • Structural Subtyping
  • Using the foreach Loop
  • Multi Dimensional Array
Chapter - 15 Strings
  • Creating a String Object
  • Properties of the String Class
  • Methods of the String Class
  • Comparing Strings
  • String Contains String
  • Getting a Substring
  • Joining Strings
Chapter - 16 Structures
  • Defining a Structure
  • Features of C# Structures
  • Class versus Structure
Chapter - 17 Enums
  • Declaring enum Variable
Chapter - 18 Classes
  • Defining a Class
  • Member Functions and Encapsulation
  • Constructors
  • Destructors
  • Static Members of a C# Class
Chapter - 19 Inheritance
  • Base and Derived Classes
  • Initializing Base Class
  • Multiple Inheritance in C#
Chapter - 20 Polymorphism
  • Static Polymorphism
  • Function Overloading
  • Dynamic Polymorphism
Chapter - 21 Operator Overloading
  • Implementing the Operator Overloading
  • Overloadable and Non-Overloadable Operators
Chapter - 22 Interfaces
  • Declaring Interfaces
Chapter - 23 Namespaces
  • Defining a Namespace
  • The using Keyword
  • Nested Namespaces
Chapter - 24 Preprocessor Directives
  • Preprocessor Directives in C#
  • The #define Preprocessor
  • Conditional Directives
Chapter - 25 Regular Expressions
  • Constructs for Defining Regular Expressions
  • The Regex Class
Chapter - 26 Exception Handling
  • Syntax
  • Exception Classes in C#
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Creating User-Defined Exceptions
  • Throwing Objects
Chapter - 27 File I/O
  • C# I/O Classes
  • The FileStream Class
  • Advanced File Operations in C#
Chapter - 28 Attributes
  • Specifying an Attribute
  • Predefined Attributes
  • AttributeUsage
  • Conditional
  • Obsolete
  • Creating Custom Attributes
  • Declaring a Custom Attribute
  • Constructing the Custom Attribute
  • Applying the Custom Attribute
Chapter - 29 Reflection
  • Applications of Reflection
  • Viewing Metadata
Chapter - 30 Properties
  • Accessors
  • Abstract Properties
Chapter - 31 Indexers
  • Use of Indexers
  • Overloaded Indexers
Chapter - 32 Delegates
  • Declaring Delegates
  • Instantiating Delegates
  • Multicasting of a Delegate
Chapter - 33 Events
  • Events
  • Using Delegates with Events
  • Declaring Events
Chapter - 34 Collections
  • Various Collection Classes and Their Usage
Chapter - 35 Generics
  • Features of Generics
  • Generic Methods
  • Generic Delegates
Chapter - 36 Anonymous Methods
  • Writing an Anonymous Method
Chapter - 37 Unsafe Codes
  • Pointers
  • Retrieving the Data Value Using a Pointer
  • Passing Pointers as Parameters to Methods
  • Accessing Array Elements Using a Pointer
  • Compiling Unsafe Code

Dot Net Training Methodology & Materials

  • 100% hands-on Practical Job Oriented Training
  • Well designed exercises/sessions
  • Discussion on real life situations / problems faced on the job and their solutions
  • Indepth Project work with each course to enhance learning and give the participant a feel of difficulty, thus ensuring they apply in realtime everything they have learnt.
  • Task based teaching methodology where students are given tasks to do in class, as required in the real world.
  • Assessments at the end of the course help gauge student progress and learning.

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Training Batch Schedule

Weekdays Regular (Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session
02-09-2019 Starts Coming Monday (Monday - Friday)08:00 AM (IST)
05-09-2019 Starts Coming Thursday (Monday - Friday)08:00 AM (IST)
Weekend Regular (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session
31-08-2019 Starts Coming Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)10:00 AM (IST)
Weekend Regular (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session
Weekend Fast-track (Class 6Hrs - 7Hrs) / Per Session

Our Placed Participants

People Technologies placed's participants in below organizations. People Technologies best software training institutes in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi(NCR) & Lucknow and other country. People Technlogies give hands on experience on live project to our participants. Because of hands on experience People Technologies's participants placed 100% in top CMMI Level 5, CMMI Level 4 & CMMI Level 3 companies. Best Training Institute with 100% placement assistance in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi(NCR) & Lucknow and other country. Still worried about your IT Career! Come and join best software training institute's People Technology. We are promising not only through word, we will make you with awesome technical knowledge and with our assistance you will get your dream job. Book Free Demo Class Below is the list of few companies where our students from various skills have got placed successfully through People technologies placement team, our channel partners in recruitment, major job portals and open hiring events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCNA? What is the process to get a CCNA Certificate?
CCNA is a Cisco Certified Network Associate given by Cisco Company. To get CCNA certificatied you have to enroll in the CCNA course and undergo CCNA training and then apply for the exam.
People Technologies gives Guaranteed Placement after CCNA Training course? What is the surety of this?
Yes, People Technologies has a special Guaranteed Placement Program in Networking Module in which the students are given job after the Course Completion. Surety is that we are the only Training Placement Institute in Mumbai Navi Mumbai Thane where Students need to pay the fees once obtaining job offer letter from the companies. Unlike other Institutes which ask them to pay the fees before and don’t give them job security. At People Technologies Students will have a peace of mind as they dont have to worry about any cheating as the Institute will take fees after placement.
Your website says People Technologies gives placements in MNC's ? Are they also covered under Guaranteed Placement Courses?
Yes they are. For fresher usually we give 50% Oppurtunity in MNC but for 1+ Experience Students 90% time MNC Placement in Bangalore is provided. You can refer our testimonials on Google to see the MNC Placement students list of 2018 & 2019. Also you can speak to our Students on phone and check their papers to know whether our reviews are fake or genuine as People Technologies has an overall 5 Star Rating on Google.
Why is People Technologies the Best CCNA Training Centre ?
We claim so because not only do we train the candidates but also give them placements. Students coming to us always complain that they lost their money on some training centres who had promised them job but didn’t do anything. We believe that if a Student is doing Training at People Technologies, then their Career is our responsibilty and we act so.
Do you provide any Certificate after completion of the CCNA course?
Yes we provide People Technologies certifications in all our Programs which are Industry Recognized Certifications. Our CCNA Training Faculty will have their endorsement on the Certification so as to help the Student portfolio become stronger in the job market!
Is CCNA Certification Compulsory for getting a job in Networking Domain?
Not at all, This is a very important question as many Institute don’t let the Fresher Students know about this. Companies want students who are well trained on the CCNA Course. At People Technologies we do not encourage certifications, Instead we make sure the Student has enough Practical exposure so that they can crack the Interview easily.
What Job Position will student get after doing CCNA course?
The Student who is a CCNA trained professional could seek employment as a Network Administrator or a Network Support Engineer. This positions include coordinating with computer systems, maintaining different network, Troubleshooting hardware issues, etc
What is the eligibility for CCNA training at People Technologies?
Even having Basic knowledge of Networking, Students can take the CCNA training. No Industry Experience is needed before pursuing CCNA courses. Bangalore University EXTC, ETRX, IT & Computer Students are much stronger to have a successful career in Networking domain.
What will be my salary after doing CCNA course from People Technologies?
Starting from ₹ 15000 to ₹ 20000 i.e 2.4 lacs per annum at the max for freshers. Starting from ₹ 20000 to ₹ 35000 i.e 4 lacs per annum at the max for 1 year Experience Candidate. Student opting for Windows Administration and Linux Administration are offered higher salaries.